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Friday, December 30, 2011

The term World In Android


Many terms in the android world that we might not understand, so let us learn one by one.

 GER == Android Package, Science in the iPhone, Symbian s60 SIS or JAR on BB (BB-user) and other devices based java .. Essentially, file2 with apk extension can be used to install the application on android device ..
BRICK (ed) == Dmana conditions in the device is not able to recover, and it could be like a brick (brick) that can be used to throw dog (if needed) ..
adb = command to the command in android through pc .. including if adb shell command adb extension part .. there are many, like adb push, pull adb, adb install requirement etc ... can walk = adb adb drivers have been installed on the pc. .. usually in the device manager (windows) will look andoid composite device adb, adb driver from the vendor of the device's usually .. klo nexus, htc magic, dream can use the default driver usb motorola milestone ... if can of luggage or wear motorola cd software update ...
adb.exe = can be taken from the SDK, there is in the tools folder, to know the function can adb command by typing "adb help"
adb shell logcat = make know the process that occurred diandroid, really useful when experiments flashing rom ...
IMAP = Internet Message Access Protocol, a protocol to retreive POP3 email in addition to
POP3 = Post Office Protocol 3, one of the protocol TCP / IP port 110 in the draw email
Widget = one application that was more interactive GUI
GUI = Graphical User Interface, application interfaces that are more graphic
GMS = Google Market Services, where his aplikasi2 download on the Android (like apps store in iphone, appworld on BB)
Root = super user on one OS (in this case Android)
nge-root = privilage process to change from a normal user to become root
Apps2SD = The process of moving / save the application to the SDCARD in addition to
internal memory,
AOSP = Android Open Source Project,
Boot = The process turn on the handheld,
Bootloader = combined SPL and IPL dr who became the basis of a device,
Bootloader Mode - fastboot load = Power + Camera button, the mode
This boot, we can install a system image that is / put
in SDCARD by pressing the Power button again,
Cache2SD = The process of moving / save the Cache from ROM to SDCARD,
Diagnostic Mode = Capture + Power Button. boot mode to test (using
volume keys to select an item),
Normal Mode: Normal turn handheld means,
OTA: Over The Air, a method to send a data, usually the term
using that pd activity update (the term lainna mgkn download),
Recovery Mode: The Home button + Power, in this boot mode, we can
open a shell .. to .. make a backup flash image and Restore. Signature
Safe Mode: Menu + Power buttons, handheld boot normally but

a lot? learn first friends and get to know so that no one later.
ok thank you so much from my

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