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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Cyanogenmod 7.1 samsung galaxy mini

In my post at Gingerbread 2.3.4 samsung galaxy mini i already post it? post yesterday it is a requirement in order to use this cmod7 7.1 rc 1.In my post this time I will post how to enter a room in the galaxy custoom cmod 7 mini with 7.1 rc 1 .Remember the main requirement is already gingerbread 2.3.4 is not yet clear if you can find on my previous post.With the custom of this room there are many changes contained in your mini galaxy, especially in the matter of appearance and performance.
The initial steps you should do is this:


  1.  I remind you once again you have to have a mini galaxy gingerbread 2.3.4 if not please look at here
  2. Download the above two materials
  3.  change the Mini into download mode (volume down + middle button + key off) simultaneously
  4.  open odin multi downloader after that connect the mini usb is there, when there are already connected as shown below;  

5.input pass recovery that had been downloaded into one package rich in images, not in the extract, let the extension remains. zip
6. if you have, click start and wait until the finish and the mini will reboot

 STEP 2:
  1.  .move the file update-cm-7.1.0-RC0-S5570-070 911-signed.zip into mini external memory, not in place in a folder.
  2.   go into recovery mode, turn off the mini continue to push (the center button + the off button) simultaneously.
  3.  When you've entered do not be surprised if the mini-view changed since you last had your mini flash with clockworkmod recovery using odin earlier.

4.The first wipe n wipe data cache to go, until the process is not missed because the mini will not go to the homescreen when not in the wipe data and cache.
5. Select install zip from sdcard> select choose zip from sdcard> select new CM7 rom> select yes to install the update, wait until completed.
6. recovery enter the main menu again, then reboot the system.

  •  When the reboot stuck on android logo, try to enter recovery mode again, then wipe the data and cache again
  •  The first reboot Quote bit long in writing Android
  •  advantages: better view, you can choose a theme in the menu, many changes such as a music player gadgets, widgets cmod7 addition, live wallpapers increases, better performance, softer appearance.
  •  There are still bugs that exist in chmod 7 rc2 this because this is an early version, such as browsers sometimes can not connect when apn is correct, the audio jacks can not connect when plugged in the mini, but otherwise it runs smoothly and seamlessly in my mini galaxy because I've tried myself.
  •  For the next version of the following
  •  Thank you for IQBAL 24

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