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Saturday, January 14, 2012


This time I'll post a phased upgrade for users of mini galaxy that will improve the performance of this phone is so much better.One way is to improve performance by creating a mini galaxy os phone into ginggerbread originally just using the default os froyo.This tutorial I got from my blogger friend Iqbal 24, which was already know how to upgrade the mini galaxy in this way.The interface is the same aja, but there is an increase in performance since os mobile phones is already a higher version.There is progress in the field of battery durability and performance of the gaming galaxy mini.
We just go in the first chapter...
download this files:

1.extract files v3.0 RC1 andro-id her, never will be out four files and a program odin

2.odin open multi downloader

3.change the mini galaxy to download mode (press the middle button + volume down + key off), with mini usb plug

4.When you have read the box you odin left corner is yellow
5.That must be filled in Odin:
      OPS = TASS_v1.0.ops
      BOOT = APBOOT_S5570XXKPF_CL189639_REV02_user_mid_true.tar. Md5
      PHONE = MODEM_S5570XXKPF_CL189639_REV02.tar.md5
      PDA = CODE_S5570XXKPF_Andro-ID_V3.0_RC1.tar.md5
      CSC = CSC_MULTI_S5570OLBKB1_CL931794.tar.md5
6. If you have press start
7.wait about 5 minutes until everything is completed and there is writing on the box top pass odin
8.and now samsung galaxy mini
remember this is just examples of things I've ever done and I am not responsible if you run into brick phone in upgrading this phone.
If you are meticulous in following these tutorials then I'm sure 80 percent of the work because I have applied this method directly on my cell phone mini galaxy.
 Keep your cell phone battery is more than 50 percent because you will make the phone connection with a computer just in case the phone does not run out of steam during the process
 This is the beginning and not the final version so there are still some bugs that will appear in your phone, to fine-tune the final version following this initial version.

Please you try to carefully and correctly so that your phone can do better than before does not even become worse than before.

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