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Thursday, February 9, 2012


For users of mini galaxy of course no end to upgrade to another room custoom.Recently emerged update custoom room that may be new to me.Is cyanogenmod 7 rc5.3 of yanuar harry master.Inside this room custoom there are a variety of performance improvement in terms of previous cyanogenmod .Ok we just try.
first time you must downlaod this file:

This change log which I copy from xda:

1.added max length value SMS changeable into MMS ( configure this from MMS settings )
2.Fix FM radio for audio routing and seek support
3.added option to lock dock button into ADWLauncher ( enable this via ADW settings )
4.Fix rotation on Gallery3D, no more banding image, and better scan 5.all image from sdcard ( if this still happen, just run dev tools app, and click media scan, wait until finish, and done )
6.use media service for MUSIC, for better scan all music from sdcard ( if this still happen, just run dev tools app, and click media scan, wait until finish, and done )
7.Rebased with cyanogenmod again and Rewriting all app to decrease whitespace on java
8.Fix user interface touch configuration, due to error appear from logcat while touching
9.Fix keyboard theme problem that came from 3rd party app
10.Fix system permission
11.Fix scroll cache option due to problem ( not apply ) when click 12.force disable scroll cache
13.Fix camera colour capture image and video when using high or low setting, and force enable samsung service camera
14.Fix screenshot colour image ( no more blur ) when trying capture SS after animation stop
15.FIX DSP manager configuration, due to problem FC when apply some config
16.Improve lockscreen animation, due to some lag when scroll cache is force disable
17.Rewriting binary file, due to problem when execute with busybox or toolbox
18.Improve sensor service orientation, due to problem with ICS rotation animation
19.Rewriting and Recompile libaudio using CM-audio implementation ( Kanged from and Thanks to Psyke83 )
20.Improve HTML proccessing, to improve browser when trying to open full website not mobile website
21.Force enable static a2dp while using bluetooth headset or handsfree ( i hope, but my bluetooth headset is broken now, and i cant test, so please test this )
22.Readd Setup_fs for optimizing data and cache partition, ( i forgot to add this before )
23.Framework optimizing to decrease some error when booting, after apply from HDPI theme ( looks better now, but still need to find HDPI theme that compatible with our device )
24.Patch GLES android to not use software rendering, use Full gpu hardware rendering due to problem with some HD GAME ( i hope )

how to instal:

1.base: xxkpk 2.3.4 recommended, but if the base and xxkpi or else go ahead

2.have already installed clockworkmod recovery in my post on upgrading the android

3.move all  data to galaxy mini sd card and do not in ekstract

4.install file no.1 through recovery, do not forget to wipe data and cache before first> reboot

5.go to recovery again and instal file number 2 and 3.
6.go to recovery mode again and instal google apps


I have yet to test previous custoom this room and if you want to try and remember you must fit the following tutorial because if there is anything going to be serious with your android.
previous galaxy mini gingerbread you must have 2.3.4 and you can find on my previous post on upgrading the android.
Thank you.

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